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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Retail and Logistic

INPoint has successful and long-term experience in working with Retail and Logistics projects

Our future-forward technologies help you identify and react to customer activity with powerful personalizations and serve consumers using practical, efficient supply chain management and logistics.

Banking & Financial Services

INPoint team has deep financial services expertise and helps financial services companies keep pace with emerging technologies, rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulations, and business models.  

Healthcare and Life Sciences

INPoint has successful experience connecting patients, doctors, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers with the most relevant digital innovations for fast, consistent, and empowering outcomes.

Energy & Utilities

INPoint delivers leading-edge technologies to the world’s premier energy, utilities, oil and gas, and oilfield services companies to enable agile decision-making and provide digital stability in a volatile market.
We develop, deploy, and integrate next-generation solutions to transform and enhance complex energy and utility infrastructures.

Travel and Transportation

INPoint design, develop and optimize human-centered experiences and scalable platforms in the travel business. INPoint established long-term partnerships with the most significant world leader in premium traveling vehicle driving experiences. We help our Clients become more adaptive and address market challenges. 

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